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Fermented Mabang Cake Puer tea

Fermented Mabang Cake Puer tea








Taste : This Pu erh Tea liquid is a bright orange colour with a pure fragrance and a strong and mellow flavour. An after-taste later developed.
Storage : Keep this Pu erh Tea in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place avoiding direct sunlight. (The longer it stores the mellower and more valuable it becomes).

Brewing Guide: Take 2to3g from Puerh Cakes and put into Tea Pot. Brew with boiling water about one minute and drain the water (washing the tea). Then, fill with boiling water (over 90 Celsius) again to brew the tea. Pour into Tea Cups after one minute.

Uncooked pu-erh is the original form of pu-erh teas. Following traditional method, new uncooked pu-erh teas are little or no fermented. The taste of those new teas, especially those made of wild arbor-type tea trees, has a strong astringency. People gradually found that by storing them in a dry condition for several more years, the teas become more mellow and lingering in the taste. In fact, the longer you store those uncooked pu-erhs, the better and more mellow the taste. Again, this especially applies to those made of wild arbor-type tea trees.

Pu Erh Tea... Health Benefits:

...Stimulates your digestion,
...enhances your bowel functioning,
...reduces your hunger feeling,
...detoxicates your bowels,
...raises your combustion,
...purifies your blood,
...reduces your cholesterol,
...reinforces your immune-system,
...and reduces your bodyfat!

Brewing Methods:

Puerh tea should be brewed in either red clay teapots or porcelain covered tea bowls. Fill the container about 20% with tea leaves, and activate them for brewing by quickly rinsing with boiling water (about 95°C to 100°C) – basically, just pour out the first batch. Pu’er is brewed gongfu style, meaning that the tea leaves are only immersed in hot water for a short time before the tea is poured into another container. Puerh tea is best enjoyed when slurped; the air activates the diverse flavors and allows greater contact with the taste buds.



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