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Mini green brick Puer





Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Shelf Life:18 months
Age:1 - 2 Years
Style:Compressed Tea
Processing Type:Hand Made

Pu-erh teas have the health benefits and weight loss properties for every age of people.Pu-erh tea with its distinctive, earthy taste and deep reddish color is known in China for its many health related properties. It aids in digestion and fat metabolism and is a great tea to include in a balanced weight loss plan. Many coffee drinkers enjoy Pu-erh's rich deep flavors. Pu-erh is a constantly evolving and maturing tea that is best left in the open air as it will continue fermenting with each year. Pu-erh is best brewed gongfu style and paired with an Yixing (purple clay) tea pot


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