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Полностью ферментирванный  чай из провинции Фуцзянь. Ароматный, с медовыми и шоколадными оттенками.

Fujian Tanyang Kongfu Black Tea
Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea is one of the three Gongfu Black Teas in Fujian Province. It once ranked the first among “Min Hong” (Fujian’s Black Tea) with the widest production area and biggest output and export volume. Made by Tanyang villagers, Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea was passed on during 1854 and 1874. It has been over 100 years. The huge production areas spread from the core Tanyang village, Fu’an city to Fu’an city, Zherong County, Shouning County, Zhouning County, Xiapu County and southern and northern part of Pinnan County and so forth.
Tanyang Gongfu Tea takes a family of local sexual tea plant as raw material. The tea leaves are firm, round and regular with pekoe. Its jet black color shines and the aroma is fresh and makes you feel good. When the tea is made, it is golden tastes mellow. The bottom of tea leaves are regularly red and bright.
Historically at the beginning of processing Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea, mastering the techniques of wilting was important. But in mountainous tea-growing area, heating fermentation techniques is more important. Generally, the methods of combining tea of multi-level and recycling main products are employed to refine Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea. The tea-producing area is so vast that reasonably putting together the raw material from mountain and flat in spring, summer and autumn could complement each other, which enables the black tea to stably meet requirements of specification and quality. That is the key point of refining.
After Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea was successfully made, it was exported to Western Europe and embraced great popularity. Over 50 years from 1881 to 1936, 500 ton of Tanyang Gongfu Black Tea was exported yearly. The year of 1898 reached the climax, amounting up to 1500 ton. Tanyang Street of 1 kilometer long is spotted with 36 tea shops and becomes the main black-tea-producing area and collecting and distributing center for the neighboring 7 to 8 counties. The tea is exported to 20 countries and regions such as Holland, UK, Japan and Southeast Asia and so forth.


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