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Xihu Longjing green tea




Чай Лунцзин(Колодец Дракона) является самым известным зеленым чаем за его уникальный аромат и вкус, плоские, тонкие полоски чайных листьев в ярко-зеленой жидкостью. Кроме того, чай Лунцзин положительно влияет на независимо от вашего возраста.

It is used to deter food poisoning, refresh the body, stop cavities, fight viruses, control high blood pressure, lower the blood sugar level, and to prevent cancer. Hence, Longjing tea is regarded as the elixir for health and is widely sold and accepted all over the world.
The name Longjing is from a small village on the Fenghuang Hill, in Hangzhou Zhengjiang Province. It is said that residents in ancient times believed that a dragon dwelled there and controlled the rainfall. As a result, people went there from all the surrounding areas whenever there was a drought to pray for rainfall, from as early as the Three Kingdoms Period (221-280).




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