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Place of Origin:Yunnan China (Mainland)
Shelf Life:long
Style:Loose Tea
Weight (kg):0.8
type:loose tea

Yunnan black tea, called Dianhong. Produced in the southern and southwestern
Yunnan Lincang,Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Dehong and other places.
Origin of the peaks within the ups and downs, the average elevation of 1,000
meters. A subtropical climate with an average annual temperature is 18 ~ 22
centigrade, annual accumulated temperature above 6000 centigrade, day and
night temperaturearedifference , annual precipitation is from 1200 to 1700 mm.
Their land forested, deciduous hay to form a deep humus layer, soil fertility,
resulting in tall tea, even if the length to 5 to 6 leaves, still soft and tender,
especially in tea polyphenols, alkaloids and other ingredients, ranking first in
Chinese tea.
Dianhong production system using the fine-leafed Yunnan tea leaf, the first
by withering, rolling,or rubbing cutting, fermenting, drying and other processes
of finished tea; and then processed into Dianhong Gongfu, and rub cut made by
the Yunnan broken black tea. The above procedure are manual for a long time.
This process issuccessful trial in 1939 at Fengqing and Menghai.


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